Welcome to HSA Press

HSA Press is an innovative publisher and printer producing a wide variety of materials and providing a range of services.

HSA Press

At HSA Press, we:

  • Produce minibooks and resources to promote person-centred change, in partnership with our sister company, HSA
  • Design and print inspiring and motivational postcards
  • Publish books that focus on person-centred change and social justice
  • Are experts in wide format printing, and produce large format templates to support training courses, meetings and events
  • Offer a scanning service for graphic facilitators and events using our wide format scanner
  • Offer a bespoke design and printing service for conferences and events
  • Supply all training materials for HSA
  • Offer a canvas printing service

We have offices in Australia, Canada and USA.

For more information, please contact us by phone (0161 442 8271) or send us an email at claire@hsapress.co.uk



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